Teacher Christmas gift ideas and guide

Everyone deserves a little something special at Christmas – especially teachers, who’ve spent the past term looking after your children, helping them to grow, learn and become the best version of themselves.

But knowing what to buy a teacher at Christmas can be difficult. Always Personal is here to help – their care for your child has always had a personal touch, so maybe your gift to them should be personalised.

Best personalised teacher Christmas gift ideas

A personalised Christmas gift is the perfect way to say thank you to your hardworking teachers. We’ve got a whole host of custom gifts for teachers this Christmas. But here are a few of our favourite things…

Luxury Personalised Pen with Cork Grip

Marking your work just became a bit more fun with this personalised pen. Get their name engraved on both the pen and the stylish case.

Personalised pen

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Personalised Chalkboard Name Mug

Your teachers might work with fancy whiteboards these days, but they’ll remember the days of blackboards and chalk. Take them back to simpler times with this classic personalised mug – the ideal Christmas present for teachers who love a brew.

Personalised chalkboard mug

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Personalised Thank You Teacher Metal Tin with Chalkboard Design

If your teacher prefers sweet things to coffee or tea, you can still bring the retro blackboard design and personal touch with this tin. The can use it to store Christmas treats or just keep their various odds and ends in one place.

Personalised thank you tin

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Male teacher Christmas gifts

Getting something for your teacher who thinks he’s too cool for school just got easier with our gifts for male teachers this Christmas.

Personalised Bamboo Sunglasses

Not only do these sunglasses make a great Christmas gift for male teachers, they’re also made from sustainable bamboo. Ideal for the teacher who cares.

Personalised bamboo sunglasses

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Engraved Wooden Powerbank Phone Charger

You may not be allowed your phone in school, but Mr Brown might need his trusty mobile to help answer tough maths questions or come up with quick answers to a tricky science question. This powerbank charger makes the perfect Christmas present for a male teacher.

Personalised powerbank

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Nursery teacher Christmas gifts

Get your nursery teacher or key worker the perfect Christmas present with our choice of best nursery teacher Christmas gifts.

Personalised Nursery Teacher Coaster in Pink

Whether they need a cup of coffee or something stronger after a long day at nursery or pre-school, these super cute coasters area a great gift. Choose from hardboard, cork or glass and add their name so everyone knows who tea it is.

Personalised coasters

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Personalised Flower Pattern Mug for Nursery Teachers

Go one step further than the coasters with a matching mug. Add your nursery teachers name on both the coaster and mug for the perfect Christmas gift set.

Personalised mug

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Christmas gift for dance teachers

Not all teachers work in schools. So, we’ve made sure to cover the perfect Christmas gift for dance teachers.

Personalised Wooden Drumsticks   

Help them keep the beat with these personalised wooden drumsticks. You can add their name onto the handles.

Personalised drumsticks

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Personalised Metal Water Bottles with Bamboo Lid

Dancing is hard work – so make sure your teacher is hydrated with a personalised metal water bottle with sustainable bamboo lid.

Personalised water bottle

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Teacher Christmas gift ideas from students

Sometimes, you might want to get together with a few of your classmates (or the whole class) to buy a Christmas gift for your teacher from the whole class. If so, here are some of our recommendations.

Personalised Eco-Friendly Desk Organizer

Pool your resources and get him something special – like this custom desk organiser. This makes the ideal gift for teachers from students this Christmas as it comes with a bamboo pencil pot and with 10W wireless charger.

Personalised desk organiser

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Personalised Photo Hanging Sign

Make sure your teacher never forgets you with the hanging photo sign. Add in an image of your whole class and your teacher can be reminded of the good times whenever they want.  

Personalised photo hanging sign

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Christmas gifts for class from teacher

If you’re a teacher and you want to spoil your students this Christmas, we’ve for a few ideas for Christmas gifts for the whole class.

Impossible Clear Jigsaw Puzzle with Transparent Pieces

Keep them busy on the last day of term with this fiendish gift for your class. Set them the challenge of completing this nearly impossible jigsaw by the end of the day and you can put your feet up ready for Christmas.

Clear jigsaw

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Personalised Wooden Rectangle Keyring

If you want to get your favourite pupils something individual, why not get some personalised key rings. Add a personalise message or simply their name to the wooden keyring.

Personalised wooden keyring

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