Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas eve box ideas


For many, the build up to Christmas Day is almost as much fun as the day itself. Warming yourself by the fire, enjoying long walks on frosty mornings or wrapping gifts to the sounds of Christmas carols. These traditions are what makes Christmas.

So why not create another new tradition in the run up to the big day with a Christmas Eve box. Our Christmas Eve box ideas will help you and your family to make the most exciting night of the year even more special!

Contents of our Xmas Eve box guide

Personalised Christmas gifts


What is a Christmas Eve box?

Wrapping Christmas eve box


A Christmas Eve box is a collection of small presents in a decorative box given to loved ones the night before Christmas.

Couples can use the boxes to give a special gift in private, while parents can use them to make sure a personal present for a little one doesn’t get lost or overlooked in the unwrapping frenzy of Christmas morning. Grandparents might prepare Christmas Eve box gifts for the household.

Some families even put a Christmas Eve box together for their pet, so that they can join in on the fun too.

What do you put in a Christmas Eve box?

Christmas eve


You can put whatever gifts you feel are suitable in your Christmas Eve boxes. Though, Christmas Eve boxes tend to be very personal. Something that speaks to the recipient or that can be used on the night.

Some of the best things to put in Christmas Eve boxes are small and fun items like festive pyjamas to wear to bed, hot chocolate mugs (filled with marshmallows ready for the annual festive film) or bedtime stories like The Night Before Christmas.

You’ll know best what will put a big smile on your loved one’s face. But if your all Christmassed out and need a little inspiration, we can help with some inspiration for what to put in the Christmas Eve box.

What goes in a Christmas eve box?

We've got ideas of what to put in your Xmas eve box whether you're packing it for baby, brother or best mates. Check out our recommendations below for the best Christmas eve box contents. 

Christmas Eve box ideas for a baby

  • All in one Christmas outfit (makes for super cute pictures)
  • Polar bear or reindeer soft toy
  • Christmas themed musical or wind-up toy
  • Special toys for bath time
  • A Christmas bib
  • A new Christmas decoration for them to hang on the tree
  • A range of different coloured tinsel
  • The box itself can be the most interesting thing for your tot! Consider making it visually appealing and interactive for the little one

Christmas Eve box gift ideas for toddlers

  • Reindeer food and packs of cookies to lay out for Santa
  • Royal Mail reply letter from Santa Claus
  • A new cup or plate to put out for Santa
  • Elf, Santa or angel costume
  • Fun toothbrush
  • Snow globe
  • Gingerbread house or homemade festive snacks
  • Christmas colouring book and crayons
  • Magic key to leave outside for Santa (for children without a chimney)

Christmas Eve gift ideas for kids

  • A festive DVD such as the Snowman
  • Personalised Christmas stockings or sacks to lay out ready for Santa
  • Christmas activity pack (think fingerpainted Christmas trees!)
  • Santa stop here bedrooms sign
  • Reindeer or elf ears headbands
  • Christmas scene puzzle
  • Candy canes
  • Lego set
  • Coupon book to use during the school holidays (coupons for one extra bedtime story, one meal of their choice, one hour later to bed etc…)
Christmas eve box for toddlers

    Christmas Eve gift ideas for teenagers

    Christmas Eve gift ideas for adults

    • Their favourite Christmas wine, spirit or beer
    • A custom Christmas apron
    • Super cosy slippers or dressing gowns
    • Personalised pint, wine glass or gin glass
    • Playing cards
    • Scented candles
    • Brainteasers
    • A classic Christmas movie
    • A photo collage mug covered with the best photos from the last year
    • A cosy blanket
    • Christmas lottery tickets

    Christmas Eve gift ideas for families

    • A shower of Quality Streets or Celebrations
    • A new boardgame to play together
    • Matching pyjamas set to wear together on the big day
    • A personalised festive cheeseboard
    • An updated family photo

    Christmas Eve gift ideas for couples

    • His and hers socks, jumpers or aprons
    • Nuts and nutcracker
    • A Mr and Mrs game
    • Share size bags of their favourite chocolates
    • Cheese and biscuits
    • Mulled wine

    Christmas Eve gift ideas for boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives

    • Magic heat reveal photo mug (printed with a picture of the two of you)
    • Bath bombs
    • Scented candles
    • Festive chocolates
    • Mistletoe (attached to the lid of the box)
    • A bottle of their favourite tipple
    • Snuggle throw

    Christmas Eve gift ideas for cats, dogs and other pets

    • Squeaky Christmas pudding toy
    • Their favourite treat such as a bone or chew
    • A new festive glitter or light up collar
    • A pack of tennis balls

    How to make your Christmas Eve box?

    Christmas eve box wrapping


    What’s more personal than a unique Christmas gift. Either make your Christmas eve box in secret as a surprise or get the family together and make it into a festive tradition.

    Another option is to order or make new boxes each year. This adds an extra element of surprise for the recipient. A new box may also be required to suit the size of the gifts that you’ve bought for the recipient.

    Where to source ready-made Christmas Eve boxes?

    Traditionally, Christmas Eve boxes are made from wood and personalised for the recipient. Our range of customised Xmas Eve boxes are available in three different sizes and can be custom printed with a first name to make it unique to your loved one.

    They’re available in many different designs to suit the taste of the recipient. Our Santa, Snowman, Penguin and Reindeer motif box is the most popular choice for kids. The Engraved Christmas design box meanwhile is a little more subtle and a preferred choice for adults.

    How to decorate a wooden Christmas Eve box?

    Want to jazz up your Christmas Eve box to give it even more sparkle? You could add one or more of the following to make the box even more festive:

    • A tinsel border
    • A 3D letter to represent the recipient’s first name
    • Snowflake stickers
    • Red and white ribbons
    • Postmarks
    • Do not open until the 24th December marking
    • Wrapping paper to line the inside or lower panel of the box

    How to make a DIY Christmas Eve box?

    It’s easy to make a simple yet decorative Christmas Eve box yourself. Grab some materials from around the home such as:

    • Wooden crates
    • Shoe boxes
    • Cardboard shipping boxes
    • Wicker storage baskets

    Once you have found one of these, it’s time to decorate the box. The best way to do this is invest in some simple craft materials such as paints, stencils, stickers, ribbons and of course – tinsel.

    If you have a paper shredder, you could empty the contents of this into your Christmas Eve box. This will provide a visually appealing filler material for the inside of the box and also keeps the gifts inside cushioned.

    Christmas Eve box FAQs

    Empty Christmas eve box

    How did the Christmas Eve box originate?

    It is thought that both American and German influences have contributed to the huge rise in the Christmas Eve box tradition in the UK.

    In Germany, it’s traditional to open gifts on Christmas Eve instead of on Christmas morning. Meanwhile, in the States, the contents of Christmas Eve boxes are a very popular thing to share on social media.

    The COVID-19 pandemic was also a factor. In 2020, extended family members were looking for more ways to connect with their loved ones from a distance. So, sending packages for kids to open on Christmas Eve was another way to do this.

    Who is a Christmas Eve box from?

    There is no right answer to this question when it comes to kid’s Xmas Eve boxes. Christmas Eve boxes could be an early shipment from the North Pole or a gift from the elves.

    Most commonly though, they are simply an early gift of fun from Mums and Dads.

    When do you give Christmas Eve boxes to loved ones?

    The best time to gift your loved one with their Christmas Eve box is after dinner. This will help them to unwind as bedtime approaches and the anticipation builds for the day itself.

    How many items should go into a Christmas Eve box?

    There is no set rules for this and you’re sure to find a combination that fits your budget. A good rule of thumb could be to stick to four small gifts each year.

    You could for example get them a little something to eat, something to play with, something to wear and something to leave out for Santa.

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