Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

unique Christmas gift ideas

Wanting something a little different to put in your loved one's stocking this year? Sick of putting the same socks under the tree for dad? If so, then one of our unique Christmas gifts could be the present for you. 

We’ve rounded up our 15 most popular and unique Christmas gift ideas for the whole family. There’ll be no need to resort to scarfs and shower gel sets again this year!

Unique Christmas gifts for the family

bamboo cheese board

1) Bamboo Cheese Board 

Our customers have gone bananas for bamboo and who can blame them? Not only is this beautiful cheese board a sustainable and eco-friendly gift, it can also be customised with a unique engraving of your choice, making if the perfect unique Christmas for the family. 

There’s plenty of space on the board to pile on those tasty festive cheeses! Plus, a handy magnetic strip at the back will stop the knives from getting lost amongst the Christmas dinner debris. Some of our other bamboo best sellers this year include our snazzy lunchbox, pen and kid’s plate.

impossible christmas tree puzzle

2) Impossible Puzzle Christmas Edition 

Boredom-buster! Stress reducer! Brain teaser! Whatever you want to call it, the Impossible puzzle was a huge hit during lockdown so we thought it was only right to launch a Christmas special!

These ultra-challenging 68-piece puzzles are extremely difficult to complete, especially when you request extra “trick pieces” to bamboozle the recipient. As well as the Christmas tree version, the original Impossible Puzzle is also still available and can be purchased in 5 different sizes. This is the perfect gift to help occupy your loved ones over the festive period and it will test even the most seasoned of puzzle enthusiasts.

Unique Christmas gifts for him

personalised powerbank phone charger

3) Wooden Powerbank Phone Charger

Do you know somebody who never picks up your calls because their phone is constantly out of battery? Annoying isn’t it? Fortunately, we have the answer for you.

Our stylish wooden power banks are ideal for people who are always on the move and unable to plug their phone into a socket. They can be tailored to the recipient with customised text, so you can include their name or maybe a cheeky engraved message instead.

Photo wine box

4) Photo Wine Box

Those accustomed to the familiar sight of a wine bag under the Christmas tree are in for a surprise this year. Our very popular photo wine boxes can be personalised with a custom image and message of your choice.

This means you can gift your loved one with their preferred bottle of red in style and rediscover an air of mystery in the process. The boxes make great keepsakes, which can be used to store favourite wines and ring fence them for special occasions.

Unique Christmas gifts for her

Star Baker apron

5) Star Baker Apron

This is the perfect gift for Great British Bake Off addicts, who claim to be the King or Queen of cakes. Baking has been one of many indoor pastimes the nation has embraced by all - perhaps it’s time to recognise a loved one’s newfound flair in the kitchen.

The aprons can be made unique to the recipient when you select one of 16 different colours and personalise it with names up to 12 characters long.

3 Tier Wooden photo frame

6) Rustic 3 Tier Wooden Photo Frame

Stuck with what to get your mum? You can’t go wrong with this triple decker wooden photo frame, which is sure to take pride of place on her wall.

It can be customised with 6 lines of text and three photos for that extra personal touch. It’s ideal for stacking up lovely photos of loved ones. The only question left is…who gets to be the top picture?

Unique Christmas gifts for couples

Personalised garden notice board

7) Gardening Notice Board

If you have a green fingered family member or friend who loves to be tending their yard, we have just the thing. This unique gardening notice features a wipe clean “to do” and “shopping list”, an elegant flower design and a rustic rope to attach it to a wall. We also throw in a lovely chalk pencil to write the lists with. Because we’re generous like that.

Personalised keep calm and carry on cushion

8) Personalised Keep Calm Cushion

Here at Always Personal, we are greatly renowned for our wide and wonderful range of personalised cushions. Unlike cushions, we never sit on our laurels. So we’ve kept introducing brilliant new designs such as our Sequin Reveal cushion and Photo collage pillow. But as the year draws to a close, it’s our ever popular Keep Calm Cushion that we feel we should highlight the most. This gift is a dead cert to raise a big smile.

Unique Christmas gifts for boyfriends and girlfriends

Personalised metal heart bottle opener keyring

9) Personalised Metal Heart Bottle Opener Keyring

It may not be the most awe-inspiring of gifts but hear us out. Arguably, one of the most frustrating things about Christmas is the misplacement of a bottle opener when you need it most. So that’s what makes this the king of stocking fillers.

Sure you’ll call us biased, but we truly believe this is the best value keyring on earth? Not only can you personalise it with a treasured photograph, it can also be customised with an engraved message for an extra personal finishing touch.

We’d also like to provide a shout out for our Personalised Door Opener Hygiene Key. Complete with custom photos, this keyring can help your loved one to avoid touching high traffic public door handles, key pads and pelican crossing buttons.


Bamboo rotating photo frame

10) Bamboo Spinning Heart Frame

This beautiful eco-friendly photo frame is incredibly unique and is destined to be a Christmas crowd pleaser. Our team print a different image onto each side of the frame so the lucky recipient can then spin it around to vary the display. Better still, you can also request a special engraved message is added to the bottom of the frame.

If you want to tone down the soppiness a little, we also have circle, diamond and rectangular versions of the frame available.

Unique Christmas gifts for babies

Personalised first Christmas tree decoration

11) Personalised First Christmas Tree Decoration

Are you celebrating a first Christmas in a new house or perhaps with a new baby? These gorgeous customised decorations make a treasured memento for the most memorable of Christmas days and they'll hang on your tree year after year.

As well as rolling out the classic decorations and festive ornaments, it’s always really nice to compliment them with something new each year. So that’s why we’ve introduced some more really unique decorations. These include our personalised free standing Christmas trees and Custom dinner table decoration, which mark out each family member's territory at the dinner table.

Unique Christmas gifts for grandparents

Personalised wooden beer bottle crate

12) Wooden Beer Bottle Carrier

Got a family member who is mad for craft beer and ale? This personalised beer bottle holder is a great way to present them with their favourite tipples and it stops the glass bottles from falling mercy to heavier presents under the tree.

The bottle holder carries four drinks and it can be made unique to the recipient with a custom engraving, such as “Dad’s Christmas beer. Hand’s off!”.

Personalised shopping list slate

13) Personalised Shopping List

It’s time to come to the aid of your more forgetful of relatives! This personalised shopping list will make a highly valued addition to kitchens nationwide.

Customised with a name of your choice, the wipe clean chalk board slate is ideal for keeping track of the most desired groceries before its time to order the shop. Your loved one is bound to give you a massive thank you for this unique present…so long as they can remember it was you that wrapped it up for them.

Photo cleaning cloth

14) Photo Cleaning Cloth

Now here’s a fresh idea for a unique stocking filler, which they definitely won’t see coming! This unique cleaning cloth makes a wonderful present for your favourite spectacle wearers, particularly those who are always wiping their glasses on their t-shirts!

The micro fibre cloth is great for wiping away dust and smudges and it can be tailored to the recipient by adding a treasured photograph for us to print.

Bamboo lid personalised water bottle

15) Bamboo-Lid Water Bottle

Our Bamboo lid water bottle has been another firm favourite of our lovely customers this year. It’s the perfect thing to take with you on a long walk as you discover the great British outdoors.

The metal bottle is not only insulated, it’s mega snazzy bamboo top can be engraved with the recipient’s first name. Styled in the iconic image of an old-fashioned milk churn, the bottles can hold 500ml and are available in 4 different colours.

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