Personalised Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa gift ideas

Are you wondering what to get your Secret Santa recipient this year? It can be a tricky task to find the right thing for Debbie in Accounts, or your best friend’s new boyfriend (who you’ve never actually met).

Fortunately, we have some dynamite personalised Secret Santa gifts and inspiration for you!

Regardless of whether you’re limited to a fiver or pushing the boat out at £20, we offer some unique customisable Christmas presents that will have your Secret Santa recipient smiling like a kid on Christmas morning. Simply pick your budget below and we’ll point you in the right direction!

Choose your Secret Santa budget Under £5 | Under £10 | Under £15 | Under £20

Personalised Secret Santa gifts for under £5

With a budget as modest as this, your recipient might be expecting a “fun size” box of chocolates. So they’ll be blown away when they unwrap something as unique and custom made as these beauties!

personalised mouse mat

Personalised Mouse Mat

This is one of our most popular personalised gifts ever and the reason for that is simple. People spend so much time working away on their computers. Having a treasured photograph or comedy image to hand can really help people get through their working day.

keep calm and carry on coaster

Personalised Keep Calm Coaster

This iconic Keep Calm coaster design can be completely tailored to the individual with personalised text and a choice of 11 colours. It gives you the perfect platform to playfully mock a co-worker's bad habits or perhaps celebrate a mate’s favourite hobby.

Personalised engraved bottle opener keyring

A handy bottle opener feature and five lines of custom engraving make this elegant metal keyring an absolute bargain! You could simply get the recipient’s name engraved onto the metal base or a custom message of your choosing.

Personalised Secret Santa gifts under £10

This is arguably the standard budget set when it comes to Secret Santa groups. It may give you twice as many options than a £5 limit, but you’ll still have to be pretty thrifty in order to get your recipient something that’s for life, not just for Christmas. Our best recommendations below will help you do just that.

engraved bamboo pen

Engraved Bamboo Pen

A unique gift for writers, crossword enthusiasts and shopping list scribblers alike, this customised pen is made from ultra-sustainable bamboo. You can customise it with up to 40 characters of text. The engraving could simply be a first name or consist of a special message tailored to the individual.

personalised placemat for secret santa gift

Photo Placemat

Splash a much-loved photograph onto this glossy placemat and jazz up your friend’s dinner table. Some of our customers upload their favourite festive photos to create the perfect centre piece for Christmas dinner. The mat is heat resistant, durable and available in a choice of two sizes.

Personalised pen pot

Photo Pencil Pot

This customised pen pot will brighten up any desk! It’s a great choice for work colleagues and friends alike because it can display much loved photos throughout the working day, whilst holding a substantial amount of stationery. The pot is made from wood and has a removable, acrylic coated photo panel on the front.

Personalised Secret Santa gifts for under £15

You’ll be shocked to find that the great customisable gifts below are available for less than £15. One of these Christmas crackers will be sure to light up your recipient’s face like a Christmas tree….even those who usually have “resting Grinch face”.

Personalised bowling pin water bottle

Engraved Bowling Pin Water Bottles

These vibrant, bowling pin style water bottles are one of our best-selling gifts of 2020! Choose from nine great colours and customise it with a first name, engraved in funky modern lettering. The bottle holds 500ml and is a great eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bottles. It also features a leak proof lid and double wall insulation to keep your tea hot and your water cool.

Custom baking apron for a secret santa gift

Personalised Baking Apron

Our much-loved customised baking aprons allow you to celebrate the culinary prowess of your friend or family member. Regardless of whether their signature dish is coq-au-vin or beans on toast, this is a great gift that can be tailored completely to the individual. Choose from a wide range of apron and print colours and crank up the personalisation further with 5 lines of text.

Custom photo collage cushion

Personalised Photo Collage Cushion

Available in a soft white polyester material or quality cream linen, your Secret Santa recipient will love our collage photo cushions. These can be customised with four image tiles, which could depict a legendary night out, treasured family photos or even a range of calming holiday photos. What could be more relaxing!

Personalised Secret Santa gifts for under £20

This budget gives you lots of wiggle room but if your recipient hasn’t given you any hints or clues what to get them, you may well be scratching your head. Our recommendations below are not only fully customisable but some of our most popular presents around the festive period.

customised cheese board and knives set

Engraved Bamboo Cheese Board With Magnetic Knives

This is the perfect Secret Santa present for cheese lovers across the land! These stylish and impressive boards are made from sustainable bamboo and can be engraved with any custom wording of your choice. A set of four quality cheese knives are included and sit snugly on a magnetic strip at the back of the board, ready to be set loose on that Christmas stilton!

Customised gin glass with first name

Personalised Gin Glass

If your Secret Santa recipient likes nothing more than retiring with a nice gin on a lazy Friday night, we have the perfect present for them! This elegant Gin Balloon Glass can be printed with the recipient’s first name in classy uppercase letters. Please note that the bottle of gin is not included. Sorry about that!

Personalised gin glass

Personalised Signature Hip Flask

This unique and elegant hip flask is the perfect Secret Santa gift for your favourite party person. You can tailor it to the recipient with up to five lines of text to create a special message or comical slogan that will put a big smile on their face with every sip.

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