Why hip flasks are the ultimate wedding accessory this year

With wedding season upon us, it’s time to dig into the top trends for 2023. And this year, one of the key trends is a little accessory to keep the party going – hip flasks. What better way to toast the happy couple than with a dram of whiskey from a personalised hip flask.

Celebs like Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Lang gifted personalised hip flasks to all their guests in their April wedding, while JLS star Aston Merrygold reached for his best man’s hip flask to steady the nerves when his bride got stuck in traffic.

We take a look at what hip flasks are used for during weddings, why hip flasks have found favour among this season’s wedding goers and which drinks work best in hip flasks.

Hip flasks as gifts for the bridal party

Hip flasks for the bridal party

Before the big day begins, you can make sure that everyone in the bridal party or on your stag do knows how much they mean to you with a personalised gift.

Give your best man a gift that means something by adding his name to a hip flask, or get the ultimate bridesmaid gift with both your names added to a hip flask.

And whether you gift hip flasks on the hen or stag party or on the day itself, they are a great way of showing the wedding day is going to be personal and lots of fun.

They’ll also be a useful tool for the bridal party if the groom or bride need a little help settling their nerves.

Hip flasks as wedding favours

If you want to make your big day special for all your guests, then wedding favours are a great way to give them something back for attending. Small gifts that can be placed on the tables by everyone’s placed cards, these give your guests something to talk about.

Mini hip flask wedding favours filled with a shot of something special are a great way to say thank you. Add a message to each one, either keeping it simple with the wedding date, or taking personalisation to the next level with special messages for each guest. Or you could use them instead of actual place cards by adding everyone’s name to the flasks.

You don’t even need to fill them all with the same drinks – why not personalise the drinks, giving those who prefer not to drink alcohol something non-alcoholic.

Toast the happy couple with hip flasks

Hip flask for toasting the bride

Whether you provide the guests with their own personalised hip flask or they’ve brought their own along, it’s nice to toast the happy couple with something personal to you.

Not everyone loves champagne (no, really!), so bringing a hip flask with a nip of whiskey, some flavoursome spiced rum or even just a little straight vodka adds a little something special to the toast.

For a sneaky night cap

The cost of attending weddings as a guest can be pricey. Especially if you fancy a drink of something stronger than tea. Many guests have found that taking a hip flask to a wedding can help them cut the costs of the big day and allow them to have their favourite tipple on hand.

It can even be used to keep the party going between events. There’s often a gap between the wedding ceremony and the reception getting going - so having a little drink to share with your fellow guests is a great way to break the ice.

Or, if you’ve reached the end of the night and want to share a night cap with a new found friend or distant relative, a hip flask is the ideal way to do so.

Adding the personal touch

Weddings – at their heart – are about people coming together. They are a personal event. What better way to celebrate than with personalised wedding gifts. At Always Personal, we provide a range of wedding gifts.

Whether you need something special for the father of the bride, groomsman or those who aren’t part of the bridal party but have helped out, we can help. And with hip flasks being one of our best sellers this wedding season, it’s a clear favourite among those planning their big day.  

Best hip flask drinks

If you've bought your hip flasks, and are all ready for the wedding, you need to think what people put in their hip flasks. 

Usually, most people stick to spirits - and preferably ones that can be drunk straight. The most popular drink to add to hip flasks is whiskey. Though you could add some spiced rum in winter, a chilled vodka for summer or even just a floral gin. 

If you don't want to go all in on the spirits, then consider liqueurs or flavoured wines. 


Our personalised wedding hip flasks are available in stainless steel, black and hot pink. Choose from small, key ring sized hip flasks or larger 6oz flasks. If you want something a little different, we also stock jerry can and guitar shaped hip flask. And the best thing is that all can be easily personalised with names, dates or a special wedding message.

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