Christening gift guide and ideas: 10 personalised christening gifts

Christenings are a time of joy for not just the new parents but also their wider families and friends. And whether you’ve chosen to be a godparent or are just attending the event to celebrate the naming of the newborn, choosing the perfect gift can be tricky.

We’ve produced a full christening gift guide full of great ideas plus some guidance on christening gift etiquette in the UK.

Christening gift etiquette in the UK

Not everyone gets to attend a christening, so you might be unaware of any etiquette around christening gift giving. But we can help with our quick guide covering who should be bringing gifts to a christening, what types of gifts to consider and a rough budget for your christening present.

Who buys christening gifts?

The most important people at the christening – after the baby, of course – are the soon to be godparents. This means if you’ve had the honour of being named a godparent or godfather, then you’ll need to bring a christening gift.

If you’re invited to the christening – whether that’s the actual church ceremony or the gathering afterwards – it’s nice to bring some form of small gift. Though there’s no assumption that you would bring a present.

What is an appropriate gift for christening?

For godparents, it’s nice to gift something that has a personal angle. That could be something with the date of birth and the baby’s first name engraved or a gift with a photo of the baby on it.

Traditionally, christening gifts would have been silver but these days such present could be anything from wooden gifts to soft toys.

How much to spend on christening gift?

Your budget for a christening gift depends on your role in the ceremony and closeness to the family.

  • Godparent: We’d suggest a budget of £20-£50.
  • Family member: If you’re the uncle or aunt of the newborn, we’d suggest around the £20 mark.
  • Friends: For those who are just friends of the parents, a most modest budget of £10-£20 is suitable.

What to engrave on christening gift

To keep it simple, we’d suggest engraving the baby’s first name and either the date of birth or the date of christening. Usually, christening gifts only have the first name as this is the focus of the christening event.

Other details you might want engraved on a christening gift include:

  • Location of christening, such as the church.
  • A short message

When to give your christening gift

You usually give the christening gift after the event at the reception. If you’re only attending the church service and not able to go to the after event, then it’s customary to send the gift direct to the parents either before or after the day.

How much money to give for a christening gift in the UK?

If you don’t want to give a gift but prefer to give money to go into the child’s savings, then we would suggest budgeting the same amount as you would for a gift. Think of it like a birthday present and use that as your rough guide – so around £10 to £50 depending on your relationship to the child and their family.

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Christening gift ideas

Here are our favourite personalised christening gifts for all occasions:

Personalised christening gift ideas

Wooden stool bestseller

Best seller: Personalised Child's Wooden Christening Stool with Engraved Design

Our wooden stools are hugely popular – and with good reason. They’re both cute and useful. And trust use, when toilet training arrives, these are a godsend. Add name, dates and a message to your personalised christening stool.

Price: £32.95

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Alternative stool: Personalised christening step stool / mini bench

This kids’ bench offers slightly less personalisation options but is also a more affordable christening gift. Chose from race car, flowers or safari designs and then add their name.

Price: £24.95

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For boys or godsons

Keeping it clean: Personalised embroidered baby bibs

Make sure they don’t get their christening clothes dirty at the reception with some personalised bids. They come in pink, white or blue.

Price: £9.95

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For the big eaters: Personalised elephant baby plate in bamboo

Get this non-slip baby plate engraved with their name to make a perfect gift for those babies starting their weaning journey.

Price: £14.95

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For girls and goddaughters

For the cool kids: Personalised baby hat with embroidered name

Keep your goddaughter warm and cool at the same time with these personalised baby hats. Choose from pink, blue or white hats.

Price: £6.95

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For mini foodies: Personalised Unicorn bamboo plate with non-slip base

Parents will love the non-slip base to help reduce food spillages, while babies will love the unicorn design and having their engraved name on their plate. Choose from a variety of colours for the suction cup.

Price: £14.95

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Christening box ideas

For messy kids: Personalised wooden toy box with ladybird print

Keep their rooms tidy or use it for keepsakes. Whatever mum and dad choose to store in this christening box, it’ll be a welcome addition thanks to the personalisation and cute design. It comes in three sizes as well.

Price: £16.95

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Don’t put the brakes on: Personalised wooden toy box with car design

Let them keep playing with this easy access personalised toy box with cool car design. Coming in three sizes and with the ability to add their name, it makes the ideal christening gifts for babies who can’t sit still.

Price: £16.95

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Small christening gifts

Best on a budget: Personalised printed photo credit card

If you want to get a personal gift but are shopping on a budget, then these photo cards are great gift ,allowing new parents to keep a picture of their little one in their wallets at all time.

Price: £4.95

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Affordable personalisation: Personalised wooden baby coat hanger

Getting a personalised wooden christening gift for under a tenner might seem impossible – but this wooden hanger proves it’s not. Great for keeping their tiny dressing gowns hung up on in the bathroom or bedroom.

Price: £7.95

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