Personalised Gift Trends Of The 2020 Lockdown

lockdown personalised gift trends

Like with most things in 2020, there has been a big change in the gifting habits of the nation.  It's been a challenging year for everyone, to put in mildly. Despite that, we've been so happy to play our part in cheering people up on their special day, with our unique gifts. Without further ado, we present to you a list of the personalised presents that have been flying through the most letterboxes since the UK lockdown began back in March. Can we have a drum roll please...

1) Impossible Jigsaw Puzzle

Impossible puzzle

Yes, that's right. In number one position is the legendary Impossible Puzzle. The nation has gone bananas for these unique jigsaws, which have been keeping thousands of people occupied throughout lockdown. The puzzle pieces are made from clear acrylic, which adds another challenging element to puzzle building. It's enough to test the patience of even the most seasoned of jigsaw gurus (the kind of people who own special bags, used to store half finished puzzles the size of Coventry).

You can choose from five different sizes of puzzle ranging from Easy - 9 pieces to Insane - 330 pieces (the ideal choice for the aforementioned gurus). Plus, if you're feeling especially mean, you can request that we place up to 10 extra pieces into the box (to get the recipient well and truly flummoxed). We've crunched some more sales numbers and we can reveal that 20% of our puzzle customers are that extra bit mean. Well played Britain.

 2) Personalised Photo Cushion

photo cushion

The country in general has been spending much more time on their sofas and bottoms this year, which might be why photo cushions are sitting pretty as our number two best selling gift. Many lovely customers opt for our most popular and incredible value 40cm x 40cm Photo Cushion or Photo Collage Cushion. Whilst others push the boat out a little more and go for a Personalised Sequin Reveal Cushion, ideal for breaking news but in a quirky way.

Photo cushions are great gifts for any occasion because you can brighten up their sofa, bed or favourite armchair with some really happy memories. For example, you could splash your favourite holiday snaps on there, much loved wedding photos, comical portraits or even something a little more risque. Trust us, we've seen and printed it all. 

3) Personalised Insulated Thermal Photo Flask

Personalised Insulated Thermal Photo Travel Flask White 350ml

If you're looking for silver linings to the pandemic, our rediscovery of the great outdoors is right up there. But what do you need most when you're trekking through the glorious UK countryside? Flasks of course. That's no doubt why hundreds of you have gifted your loved ones with these great quality photo flasks, which are both thermal and fabulous.

They keep warm beverages warm and cold drinks cold and look great whilst they're at it. What's more, you can bring a smile to the recipients face with every sip, by customising the flask with your treasured photos. So the next time they're enjoying a congratulatory cuppa at the top of Ben Nevis, they can re-hydrate in style. When it comes to drinks holders, other great options include our new Engraved water bottles with a bamboo lid and 500ml personalised bowling pin water bottles

 4) Personalised Photo Mouse Mat

Photo mouse mat

You really can't go wrong with a personalised photo mouse mat. That is unless the image printed on it offends your boss. Most customers however customise their mouse mat with a wonderful family photo. Others meanwhile prefer to personalise theirs with a series of lovely photos, by choosing our collage option. Either way, it's the ideal way to brighten up a computer desk in the office or at home.

This is the perfect gift for people who currently own dog eared and grubby mouse mats that have seen better days - you know, the kind that has had too many BLT sandwich crumbs spilled on it. You may also know some people that don't have a mat at all and just scroll their sad little mouse across a naked desk! We can help you to put these poor souls out of their mat-less misery by introducing something personal and colourful into their work space!

5) Personalised Bamboo Charging Pad

Bamboo charging pad

Charging into fifth place is our very popular personalised bamboo charging pad. The valuable work of charging pads has never been more important as people across the nation have spent record amounts of time on their phone in 2020, mostly browsing bleak news stories and having zoom calls.

Those fanatical about wireless charging pad accessories (AKA everyone) will rejoice in this unique spin on a classic, which can be tailored to the individual! You can customise these beauties with several lines of text. So you could simply personalise it with the recipient's name (to help them ward off those pesky charger thieves), or even write their favourite inspirational quote on there.

If you love this charging pad, you definitely need to check out our extensive Bamboo gifts range. Bamboo has been labelled as the "world's most renewable material" so you could be doing your bit for the planet when you choose bamboo!

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