30 Teacher Gift Ideas To Say Thank You

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Getting presents for teachers is a great way to say thank you for all the hard work and effort. Gone are the days though when you’d simply deposit a shiny apple on their desk. A Mumsnet survey of 1,220 UK teachers revealed what teachers really have an appetite for when it comes to thank you gifts. The top 5 presents teachers most want to receive are:

Mumsnet survey reveals top 5 teacher present types

To help your narrow down your search for a gift, we’ve rounded up our top 30 best teacher thank you gift ideas, all of which are unique and personal. You’ll be sure to get an A for originality with these superb and unusual gits for teachers! 

End of year teacher gifts

It's often at the end of a school year when kids and parents reflect on how much they’ve progressed. Don’t let the final bell go without thanking your teacher for all they’ve done. Our top suggestions for end of term gifts include:

1. Personalised thank you mug - Show your appreciation with a stylish thank you mug, which can be tailored to your favourite teacher with a custom name.

2. Smart cookie mouse mat - This is sure to make your teacher smile every time they use their work or home computer. Smart cookie mouse mats can also be customised with your teacher’s name.

3. Thank you teacher chalkboard tin - Teachers will treasure this personalised chalkboard tin, which will help them to de-clutter their desk and find a home for all that stationery. All the text on the tin can be personalised!

Teacher leaving gifts

Wooden wine box with photo lid

Teachers will always look back fondly on the last class of kids they taught at their school. Give them a lasting reminder to cherish with our top teacher leaving gift ideas.

4. Personalised photo wooden wine box - Thanking your teacher with a lovely bottle of wine is bound to go down well but you’ll be top of the class by presenting it in a customised wooden photo box. Parents will need to get involved here.

5. Gift cards - Sure, it’s a safe option.  But by clubbing together with your classmates to buy a gift card, you can be certain your teacher will get something they want the most. Combine it with a heartfelt card signed off by all the class.

Teacher Christmas gifts

Those last few festive weeks of school in December often bring out a teacher’s fun side. Thank them for all they’ve done for you with one of our jolly tokens of appreciation. Here’s our best Christmas gift ideas for teachers.

6. Custom engraved Christmas tree bauble - Christmas tree baubles are a beautiful gift for teachers because they are often kept and displayed over the course of a lifetime. Write a message of thanks that they’ll remember for evermore.

7. Personalised Christmas hat - This is a fun thank you gift, perfect for the festive season. Order a classic Christmas hat, custom embroidered with your teacher’s name. They’ll wear it year after year!


Gifts ideas for new teachers

custom door sign

Starting a new school and getting to know pupils can be a daunting challenge for teachers. Give them a warm welcome and get in their good books early with a personalised present they’ll love! Here are out top tips for new teacher gifts.

8. Personalised door sign - Give them a warm fuzzy feeling every time they enter the classroom with a custom printed door sign. Impress your new teacher with a creative message to welcome in the class each day!

9. Personalised square key ring - Now your teacher has the keys to their new classroom, why not give them a little token of your thanks with a personalised key ring, which can be printed with your own message.

Presents for English teachers

Personalised bamboo pen

There’s nothing the average English teacher loves more than a good book and something to write with. Thank them for helping you achieve the grades by indulging their enthusiasm for the written word.

10. Personalised Bamboo wood pen - English teachers are all wordsmiths at heart and always in need of a reliable pen – preferably one that is made of wood and has their name on it!

11. Photo tote bag - Teachers of Dickens and Shakespeare are renowned for lugging around mammoth stacks of books. Help them take the weight off with a fun and customised tote bag.

Dance teacher gifts

Retro vinyl notebook for dance teacher

A dance teacher’s passion for their subject is often infectious. Give them a present that celebrates this and show your appreciation for all the time they’ve put in with you at the studio.

12. Glass photo block stand - They’ll be proud to display this unique glass photo stand. Simply upload a much-loved photo of you and your teacher or dance class as a whole.

Music teacher gifts

personalised drum sticks


We’ll never forget the people who help us unlock our musical talent and it’s important to recognise that. If you want to end the year on a high note with your music teacher, here are our best suggestions for unique music related gifts.

13. Personalised drumsticks - Is your music teacher a master drummer? These unique drumsticks can have a different message engraved on each separate stick.

Maths teacher gifts

Impossible puzzle for Maths teacher

The best presents for maths teachers are ones that indulge their common interest in brainteasers. Our first suggestion does just that, our second will provide the perfect home for all those protractors!

14. Impossible jigsaw puzzle - If anyone can conquer the fabled impossible puzzle, it’s a maths teacher. But it certainly won’t be easy. That’ll teach them for giving you all that algebra homework!

15. Personalised maths teacher gift tin - If you’ve done the maths and calculated that your teacher is the best maths tutor ever, this gift will be ideal. It’s sure to prove a very useful addition to their desk.


Nursery teacher gift ideas

Nursery teacher mug gift

Nursery teachers have a renowned knack for staying calm in the face of chaos and helping to nurture little minds. This great skillset deserves to be recognised! Our top recommendations for personalised gifts for nursery teachers include:

16. Flower pattern nursery teacher mug - Gift your child’s nursery teacher with this wonderful custom printed flower mug. It’s a great way to thank them for helping your little one to blossom.

17. Keep calm coaster - Keeping calm is a must for nursery teachers. This stylish coaster is therefore a very appropriate present for them, which can be made more personal with a fully customisable message.

Headteacher gifts

Paperweight for teachers desk

They play a vital role in helping kids to achieve but are often less likely to be thanked for it. Recognise the great contribution of the head at your school with one of our top presents for headteachers.

18. Photo slate - These stunning slates, complete with presentation stand, can be printed with a group class or school photo. It’s the ideal gift for a headmaster to display proudly on their desk.

19. Personalised photo pencil pot - Those ever summoned to the headmaster’s office will be well aware of their love of desk ornaments. A unique pencil pot printed with a custom image may well become their new favourite!

Funny teacher gifts

car flag customised


A good sense of humour is often an essential trait for teachers. If your teacher likes a laugh, they may also like one of the following gift ideas. These are sure to make them chuckle and allow you to thank them for their hard work in the process.

20. Comical teacher’s voice mug - All teachers are forced to raise their voice at one stage or another and this often become known as their “teacher’s voice”. Poke fun at this one side of the mug, whilst sharing a heartfelt message or joke on the other side.

21. Personalised photo car flag - Does your teacher take a passionate stance on matters of the environment or politics? Well now you can help them to shout about it to the world with a custom car flag.

Cheap teacher gifts

My teacher rules personalised coaster

Looking to reward your teacher for their help without breaking the bank? It’s surprising how little you need to spend, in order to deliver a thoughtful present that they will always treasure. Here are our ideas for the best teacher gifts that are cheap and cheerful. They’re all below £5!

22. My teacher rules coaster - Raise a smile every time they raise their coffee cup! This teacher rules coaster, personalised with your teacher’s name, is bound to give them a boost and make them feel appreciated.

23. Personalised teacher rules keyring - Remind them how well respected they are, every time they use their keys! Personalise this keyring with your teachers name and unlock their ego.

24. It’s been a hoot placemat set - Does your teacher often eat at their desk? This set of placemats is perfect for brightening up their workspace as they tuck into their lunch. The mats can be fully personalised with a special message.

Unusual teacher gifts

Bamboo personalised lunchbox

Are you looking to gift your teacher with something out of the ordinary? These highly unusual and unique gifts for teacher will achieve just that. Prepare yourself for some random…

25. Personalised photo glasses cleaning cloth - Is your teacher constantly wiping their glasses on their shirt to keep their vision clear? These microfiber cloths are ideal for wiping away smudges. Better still, they can be personalised with a photo of their favourite fictional character, holiday destination or even a photo of the class!

26. Personalised photo memory stick - Ah! Where would teachers be without their faithful 8GB memory stick? A unique gift is in store for them when you personalise the colour of the stick and add a funny class photo onto the rotating metal lid.

27. Eco-friendly engraved lunch box - Eco-friendly? Check! Customisable? Check! An engraved bamboo lunchbox is the ideal luxury present for a teacher who is passionate about the environment…and sandwiches.

Homemade teacher gifts

Heartfelt letter for teacher

The more heartfelt and personal you can make your teacher’s gift, the more they will treasure it. If you’re looking to make something yourself at home, instead of purchasing a gift, here are our best ideas. Things might get a little emotional with these handmade teacher gifts.

28. School trip memory bookCollate together all those brilliant photos of class trips over the years and stick them into a memory book. You can even write some funny annotations beside each one. Your teacher will love reminiscing about the good times you and the class have shared together.

29. A letter of appreciationSometimes it’s the simplest things that can mean the most. Simply grab a pad and pen and write a heartfelt letter to your teacher, telling them how much you appreciate them. Think about what makes them such a great teacher and let the words flow! It’ll mean so much!

30. Class quotes bookOver the course of a school year, you and your classmates have no doubt come out with many hilarious quotes. Keep a note of all the things that has made your teacher laugh and write them out neatly in a quote book. It’ll be an endless source of amusement for them!

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