Naming Day Gift Ideas

Naming day gift ideas


Have your family or friends just been blessed with a new arrival? Choosing the right gifts for naming day ceremonies can be fun but also a bit of a minefield. With a whole legion of well-wishers looking to spoil the baby rotten, there’s a big danger of duplicated presents.

The simple answer to this problem? Personalised baby naming gifts, which ensure your present will be the most original and memorable on the pile. Here’s a roundup of some of our best sellers so you can treat both babies and their adoring Mum and Dad to something they’ll all love.

Unique naming ceremony gifts for babies

It’s time to crank the cute-o-meter up to eleven! All of the gift ideas below are ideal for wrapping up to celebrate the new arrival. The little one may not be able to thank you just yet, but their parents will be over the moon.

personalised baby vest

Personalised Royal Crown Baby Vest

Roll out the red carpet for the family’s latest addition with a Royal Crown Baby Vest. This can be customised to feature their first name and year of birth so you can give them the royal wave of hello in style.

Personalised baby name cushion

Personalised Name Cushion

Add a personal touch to the baby’s nursery with this cute personalised cushion. As well as the dinosaur version, there’s also a space and construction design to choose from. It’s a great bedroom accessory that they’ll keep close by for years to come.

Personalised door name sign for baby gift

Personalised Teddy Wooden Door Sign

Parents will love to see their new baby’s name hanging in the corridor of their home. You can personalise these cute teddy bear signs with two lines of custom text to make them unique to the new arrival.

I heart baby vest present

Personalised I Heart Baby Vest

The little one can’t speak just yet so this gift is a fun and cheeky way to say something on their behalf. There’s three lines of text to customise so plenty of opportunity to be creative. It’ll present parents with some lovely photo opportunities too.

Me To You bear for baby gift

Personalised Me To You Bear

Teddies always go down a treat as a baby gift, especially if they are truly unique. The t-shirt of this cuddly Me To You bear can be personalised with three lines of text. There’s another design too, which is more geared towards little girls.

Unusual naming day presents for new parents

Sure, babies may be the stars of the show at naming days ceremonies, but it’s a nice touch to consider the parents too! Most parents reflect on those early days of parenthood as the best but also the toughest times in their life. Help put a smile on their face during the hard times and treasure all the good times with these unique gift ideas for new parents.

Personalised baby album

Personalised baby album

Many parents will take 6,389 pictures of their baby before they’re even out of the hospital. Baby albums will therefore be in great demand and this adorable and fully customised Boofle Baby Album will be welcomed with open arms.

personalised keep calm mug

Personalised Keep Calm Mug

There will be times in every parent’s life when they are highly stressed and close to panic. This fully customisable Keep Calm mug is a lovely little reminder for them to take a second to relax and keep their cool. Coffee can help too.

personalised baby height chart

Personalised Baby Unicorn Height Chart

Parents love to coo over how much their baby grows as they years go by. This cute unicorn height chart can be personalised with the baby’s first name. It can then be used to track the little one’s height at various milestones, starting with their birth measurement.

Personalised mummy apron

Personalised Baking Apron

Celebrate new mums and dads with a unique kitchen apron like no other. Regardless of whether you’re acknowledging the queen of coq au vin or king of beans on toast, parents will love to see their new name in print.

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