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Personalised camping gifts


For those outdoorsy folks who have always loved sleeping under the stars, we have some unusual and personalised camping gifts to get you even better equipped for your holiday - whether you're camping in the warm summer months or braving a camping trip when it's a little colder outside. 

Those new to the camping scene need look no further than our top picks below. With these unique and quirky camping and campervan accessories, you can both survive and thrive in the wondrous outdoors.

Our Top 10 Personalised Camping Gifts

These gifts for camping lovers are perfect for equipping friends and loved ones with the essentials they’ll need to enjoy UK campsites this summer.

bamboo tea flask for camping

Best camping gift for tea drinkers: Bamboo Thermal Tea Flask

First thing’s first - tea! It’s a well known fact that campers drink approximately 10 cups a day. This beautiful and leak-proof bamboo flask includes a handy tea strainer, giving you the option to enjoy loose leaf varieties. Better still, you can ensure nobody else nicks your brew by engraving a first name on it for no extra charge.

Bottle opener keyring camping gift

Fun camping gift for late nights: Bottle Opener Photo Keyring

While we’re on the topic of beverages, we need to mention our incredibly popular bottle opener keyring. It not only helps to keep your car and caravan keys safe in your pocket, but more importantly, means you’re never struggling to pop open your next beer bottle. You’ll be the most popular person around the campfire.

Personalised torches

Most useful camping gift: Personalised torch

Campers desperate for the loo in the middle of the night, with no phone battery, will know the value of a good torch. These little beauties can be personalised to the individual with an engraved first name and personalised gift box. They are pocket sized, highly robust and come with a wrist strap and batteries - cool campaign gifts for all the family. And we should also mention the four snazzy colours available – orange, green, blue and black.

Carabiner handle photo camping mug

Best camping gift for him: Stainless Steel Mug With Carabiner Handle

This cool camping mug has tons of personality. That's mostly because you can customise it with your own photograph, such as a treasured family snap from last year’s holiday. Plus, the handle is made from a carabiner (those handy clip things used for climbing). It can be fastened to the back of your rucksack for your convenience and to produce a satisfying clunking noise during walks.

door handle opening keyring ideal for camping

Quirkiest camping gift: Antimicrobial Door Opener Keyring

Fact! Everyone loves a multifunctional keyring. But this particular one takes it to another level. Not only can it be personalised with a custom photo, it also has antimicrobial properties (try saying that five times fast). It’s the perfect thing for having handy in your pocket during toilet trips. That’s because you can open doors with it, instead of using your hands. This makes it ideal for use when visiting toilet blocks at campsites, which let’s face it, aren’t always the cleanest of places!

Camping storage box personalised

Best camping essentials gift: Personalised Camping Storage Box

Got a friend or family member who is renowned for packing the kitchen sink on camping trips? This elegant wooden box will help them to keep supplies together and make it easier to squeeze every last inch of space out of the car boot. There’s two different sizes of available. Plus, the natural finish plywood can be engraved with a first name of up to 12 characters.

Personalised camping water bottle

Best camping gift for women: Bamboo Lid Camper's Water Bottle

Personalised tent design – check! Stylish bamboo lid – check! Useful metal handle – check! This snazzy water bottle will be a guaranteed hit with camping lovers. By printing their first name on it, you can be sure that there are no mix ups with drinks on camp. The metal handle of the water bottle meanwhile can be clipped onto the outside of rucksacks to save on space!

Camping multitool gift

Best wild camping gift: Multitool Pocket Knife With Engraved Handle

Your loved one will be ready for whatever nature throws at them with this really useful multitool. It includes nine different tools with eleven functions in total, including a bottle opener, pliers, knife, nail file and screwdriver. It’s made of beechwood, which can be engraved with up to 18 characters of your choosing.

Jerry can personalised hip flask

Most fun camping gift: Personalised Jerry Can Hip Flask

If you’re on the kind of camping trip that requires some ahem, additional fuel, this unique hip flask will make a great gift. It holds up to 125ml of liquid and has a brushed stainless steel finish in either silver or black colours. Getting it personalised to the recipient with a printed first name makes it extra special and it’s a great choice for a unique birthday gift this summer!

Personalised tumble tower game

Camping gift for rainy days: Personalised Tumble Tower Game

If the Great British summer time delivers its usual extra helping of rain, it’s important to have things to keep you occupied inside your tent. With the pitter patter of raindrops on the canvas roof, you can happily pass the time with this tumble tower game. By personalising the game bag and even individual wooden blocks, you can customise your game with special messages. It’s a great way to celebrate a particular occasion, such as anniversaries or birthdays.

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