Back To School Tips

A personalised pink unicorn pencil case and a personalised red ladybird name badge

It’s quickly getting to that time again - September approaches and children will be heading back to school or starting school before we know it. Getting into the swing of things after a long summer holiday can be challenging. Below are our 5 back to school tips aimed at getting young children excited to go back or to start school.

Back to school tips for children

Number 1

1. Pack an exciting packed lunch

Why not mix up what goes in their lunch box. Instead of plain white bread why not make them a sandwich from a bagel, a pitta bread or a wrap? Keeping their lunch varied is sure to make it more interesting and get them looking forward to school lunchtimes. Checkout these personalised school bags for instance. 

A red personalised ladybird pencil case. The pencil case is personalised with the name "Emily Green" and is on a table next to some coloured pencils.

Number 2

2. Gift them a new personalised pencil case

Take a look at our different personalised pencil cases, all can be personalised with children’s names which makes them much more special. Children will be excited to use their new stationary in their favourite lessons.

Personalised name badges in different colours, all the name badges have keyrings attached to easily attache them to bags

Number 3

3. Add a name badge for their bag or P.E kit

We offer a range of different name badges which can be attached to backpacks, coats, P.E. kits and anything else which is likely to go missing at school. There are a range of different designs to choose from, why not let you little on pick one out?

 Number 4

4. Meet up with friends a few days before school starts

Meeting up with friends a few days before going back will give them a chance to tell stories about the summer (and possibly keep them quieter in lessons!) and to give them a chance to get excited to spend more time together while at school.

 Number 5

5. Make a plan for time after school

One of the reasons children might be less than thrilled about the idea of going back to school is homework. It can be especially hard to face after a long summer of freedom, so sitting down together and planning time to complete homework, time for hobbies and time to see friends can help children feel more in control and reassure them that they will still have lots of time for things they enjoy.

We hope our back to school tips for children guide has inspired you, and given you some ideas to inspire your children. To browse more of our unique school gifts, visit our first day of school gifts page.

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